How to Work Our Program?

Money Transfer with Qr Code

End to End Secure Money Transfer

The transfer of money between phones will be the result of the qr code generated by the application being scanned and processed through the application on the other phone.
Shopping with QR Payment

Independent payment system from Card and POS

The amount is entered into the application on the tablet or phone,The app generates the QR code for this amount that must be paid,Later, the owner of the mobile wallet who has read this QR code pays the relevant amount.
Money Transfer with IM

Sending money is as easy as sending a message

IMPAY provide instant money transfer service from the program's messaging window. Verification is done by entering a fingerprint or pin number.
Encrypted Speech, Messaging

End-to-end secure speech, messaging

IMPAY is not just a crypto money wallet, and a p2p messenger application where messages are not recorded.
Smart Contracts

Mutual Contracts

Thanks to the contract between companies
in electronic environment, money transfer costs have been reduced, safe and facilitated.
Escrow Module

Safe deposit box service for Escrow

The seller will see from his mobile app that the buyer has deposited his money. With the approval of the buyer, the system releases the deposit money of buyer.


IMPAY Mobile Revolutionize Payment Systems

You don't need to carry lots of cards in your physical wallet. Just Scan QR code via IMPAY mobile app.

IMPAY Provides Instant Money Transfer Service

You can send money as easy as sending a message

Send Money not Knowing the wallet address

Easily and momentarily send money to your contact list

E2E Messenger with Their Own Crypto Algorithm

Nobody can read your messages and your contents.All contents are end to end encrypted

Give Feedbacks to Merchant with Its Own Scoring System.

IMPAY offers rating service in order to give feedback to the Merchant about product.


The IMPay Exchange Roadmap

2018 September
Mobile Payment Application Development starts.
2018 October
2018 December
Impay Token Generated on Bitshares Blockchain.
2019 January
Impay Web Wallet Development starts
2019 February
Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit
2019 April
Airdrop and ICO Process Begins
2019 August
Exchange Listing
2019 At the beginning of November
IMPAY mobile app v1 will be published, Android Mobile Wallet will be released with payment functionality.
2020 February
IOS wallet v1 will be published.
2020 At the end of May
Payment functionality will be added to IOS mobile wallet.
2020 July
The marketing department will publish the list of companies with partnership agreement about the qr merchant program.
2020 October
Escrow functionality will be enabled on IMPAY Mobile Application.
2021 1st-Quarter
KIOSK will be installed at major centers and airports in order to withdraw money.
2021 3rd-Quarter
Messenger features will be added on Mobile application.
2021 4th-Quarter
New functionalities will be added to Mobile App such as image and file transfer, video conference etc.